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Dec. 27, 2006

Are You From Austin?

I need help.

Are you from Austin Texas?

Have you lived there before?

Do you know anyone who's lived there or currently does?

We think we want to live there.

As previously noted during our threat to move to Arizona we want to move. Now.

Actually not now, back in January of 2005 when we first decided.

My husband and me, the research geeks that we are, took on-line quizes, geographical tests and did our homework via library books on 'area compatibility' in order to determine that Austin is the place we are suppose to live.

In said tests, we demanded low crime and good weather, the first two important factors of our priority list. Austin came up #1 for each of us, individually.

O.k. We'll move to Austin. Check.

So, I've looked on-line at the houses for sale and found we can do pretty darned well v. the ridiculous prices of real estate in Seattle.

I would love more detailed information from 'those in the know' however.

Can you help?

Please advise if you are Austin knowledge worthy via my 'Contact' page.

Thanks and yee haw..or something like that. (Do you they say that in Austin or will I get my ass kicked?)

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