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Dec. 31, 2006

Three Is The New Two - I Hear

Julia Roberts to have a third child.

If it's a girl, I wonder if she too will name her Julia. Pretty cool name.

Just wondering.

Some others who have three children ~
Heidi Klum
Matt Lauer
Jerry Seinfeld
My Mom

It seems three is the new two or something.

Apparently, 'married people need to have a bit more than two kids per couple merely to replace the population' per Gruntled Center.

What's a 'bit more'? Three, four or more?

My neighbor is now pregnant with her third and I have many friends with three (though several didn’t exactly mean to have three) and they all seem quite thrilled.

Makes me wonder. I’m always behind the 8 ball. I'm not doing my part apparently for the population to remain constant.

I always thought ONE was the best number and decided to ‘expand’ my mind/horizon to TWO. Plus, wouldn't you have to buy a minivan if you have three?

So, I won’t be joining the three club myself.

Only because I don't want a minivan.

Oh, and if I did have a third, my husband might be a bit perturbed....he's been ‘fixed’.

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