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Jun. 28, 2009

Hypocrisy Makes Me Vomit

This past week has been pretty sad for our old icons.

We knew Farrah wasn't doing well, Michael appeared to not be doing so well and Billy Mays appeared to be perfectly fine.

What I want to go on a diatribe about discuss in this post; however, is the blasted S.C. hypocrite Governor, Mark Sanford.

I CAN'T tell you how much I despise hypocrites.

This jacka** voted to have Clinton impeached due to his affair with Monica Lewinsky because Clinton had 'violated his oath to his wife'.

Then when he got busted after returning from his 'Appalachian Trail' trip ie. affair with the Argentian gal, he made the 'I think I'm going to vomit at the hypocrisy' public apology to his wife and children on T.V.

Give me a f'ing break.

I don't give a sh*t if he gets to remain as Governor but the holier than thou crap (with either political party) makes me more than sick.

And don't get me started on the a**wipes John Ensign and/or Larry Craig.

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A-MEN!! I'm with you on all of it!


Totally agree with you!!


Cool post, just subscribed.


What a jerk he is. I'm so glad his wife didn't stand by his side. If I were her, I would give him the boot. All these guys and their sense of power and egos - they do such dumb things!

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