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Jun. 17, 2009

Pool Progress

The pool is getting very close to completion!

The most recent as I'm just now getting to writing this post and we're actually already swimming in our new pool latest pictures of the pool are below.

Maybe it's because I'm still high on cloud nine about actually getting my own pool but I've found this whole 'pool building' process extremely interesting.

I think I want to build pools now.

O.k. not really but...

This whole 'activity' has been amazingly easy and I'm thrilled with the results so far.

Everything but the landscaping is done and will be shown in the next (and last) pool post.

Here are the latest pics if you're interested.

Applying the 'Pebble Sheen' plaster. My kids wanted to zip line on it. I said 'Um...probably not'.

Laying the 'Sundeck' onto the concrete

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